2015 Whispering Giants Grand Tour

Whispering Giants Grand Tour

FEBRUARY 15 to OCTOBER 31, 2015

Team Strange is proud to present the Whispering Giants Grand Tour!

What is a Whispering Giant? A Whispering Giant is a giant wood carving honoring Native Americans created by the artist Peter Wolf Toth. These giant wood carvings are in all 50 states and parts of Canada. Each carving honors the Native Americanís who reside or once resided in the area.

Here is the short and skinny: You will need to research the locations of the Whispering Giants and then obtain a picture of your rally flag and motorcycle with a Whispering Giant.

**See the photo standards section below for full details and requirements.**

Will we tell you where the Whispering Giants are located? No.

But Wikipedia, Waymarking, The Smithsonian website, Roadside America, Google Maps and good old fashioned sleuthing will let you know where the Whispering Giants reside.



Entry fee: $40 for one or two-up.

Entry includes: Official Rally Flag, and a special edition sticker custom designed for the Whispering Giants Grand Tour.

Your Rally Flag and sticker mailings will begin around February 15, and thereafter, upon sign up.




Your final finishing position on the Whispering Giants Grand Tour is decided by points. Scoring on this event is as follows.

Standard Points

Each Whispering Giant visited and properly photographed. 10 points

Bonus Points

A photo of your rally flag and motorcycle featuring any one or more of the following:

1 Any entry/exit/limit/welcome sign for any Native American reservation in North America.
Rancheria, Colony, Trust Land and Pueblo designations are acceptable in the context of reservations but must have a sign clearly designating the name.
5 points
(limit 3 for 15 points)
2 Peter Wolf Toth's Studio, Edgewater, Florida. 5 points
3 Any historical marker or highway sign for the Trail of Tears. 5 points
(limit 1 for 5 points)
4 A Massachusetts state flag hung from any flagpole where the flag is clearly discernable. 5 points
(limit 1 for 5 points)
5 Pipestone National Monumentís Park Service Sign just north of Pipestone, Minnesota. 5 points
6 The Navajo Code Talkers Monument at the New Mexico Veterans Memorial, Albuquerque, NM. (NOT AVAILABLE)

1. The Visitors Center at the New Mexico Veterans Memorial, Albuquerque, NM.
2. The Code Talker Monument near Window Rock, AZ.
5 points
7 Yucca House National Monument sign or marker, Colorado. 5 points
8 Sierra Mono Museum sign or front of building, North Fork CA. 5 points
9 Whispering Giant submissions from Alaska and Hawaii accompanied by a receipt obtained in the local area during the dates of this GT. 5 extra points



  1. When documenting a Whispering Giant you must submit the following:

    1. A photo which includes your rally flag, motorcycle and a Whispering Giant.

    2. A close up photo of any commemorative plaque associated with the Whispering Giant that is in, on, or around the Whispering Giant.

    3. A written account of the location of the Whispering Giant to include the city and state. The more detail of the location (coordinates/crossroads) the better, should your photo documentation be unclear in any way.

  2. Some of the Whispering Giant and bonus locations may not be readily accessible on your motorcycle. If your motorcycle cannot be captured in the photo, you must meet all other photo standards except for the visual presence of your motorcycle. Be sure to annotate the conditions that prevented motorcycle access.

  3. Be safe and smart. If the conditions or circumstances make capturing a photograph unsafe or will result in a ticket or safety violation, donít take the risk. Find a safe alternative to capture your photo or skip the opportunity.

  4. Our judges are simple folk. If your photo(s) is/are not clear you will not score points.

  5. When in doubt, take several photographs.

  6. All photos must be submitted electronically/digitally. No print photos will be allowed without special dispensation and for a darn good reason. All digital photos (or links to digital photo albums) must be submitted to teamstrange@live.com on or before November 1, 2015.



  1. To successfully complete the event, you must have a finishing score of 30 points or more. Finishing will get you bragging rights, an Official Whispering Giants Grand Tour Finisher pin and an entry into the finishers prize pool.

  2. Riders earning a finishing score of 50 points or more will earn bragging rights, the Official Whispering Giants Grand Tour Finisher pin, and five entries into the finishers prize pool.

  3. Riders scoring 100 points or more will earn bragging rights, the Official Whispering Giants Grand Tour Finisher pin, and ten entries into the finishers prize pool.

  4. The top finisher (based on point totals) will receive a commemorative prize to document their amazing feat.

  5. Whatís in the prize pool? Why, cash and prizes of course.

  6. Any proceeds remaining after costs and prizes will be donated to Eddieís Road, a charitable foundation dedicated to improving the lives of abused and neglected children.

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