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The following comprises the rules & requirements for this event.  While we hope that every question you might have is answered here, please feel free to direct any questions to us here.  Remember, the only silly question is the one YOU askerr, don't ask.  Whatever.  Fasten your seatbelts, 'cause here we go.


THE BASICS  (or "What the heck do we have to do?")

The goal for the event is to spell out the phrase "TeamStrange Airheads 21" using photos of city limit signs and a Highway 21 sign in any one of three challenging ways:

1)  Traditional Grand Tour method
Submit photos using a town that starts with the letter T (example: Tarantula, AZ), followed by a town that starts with the letter E (example:  Eagan, MN) etc., concluding with a photo of a highway 21 sign.  Any towns from any states are acceptable.  All riders completing this method will be declared finishers and become eligible for appropriate finisher awards and prize drawings.

Challenge # 2)  The Dave McQueeney Award.
This will be given to all riders who visit a city in a different state for each letter, and submit a State Highway sign photo from a state not used for any of the above photos.
Note: For this challenge, a rider could expect to use Post Office photos almost exclusively it is rather uncommon to find many city limit signs that also name the state.  Riders who complete this challenge will receive a special commemorative plaque recognizing their accomplishment. (We're also trying to get Dave to agree to mow your lawn but he's holding out for more $$)

Challenge # 3)  A third method
of completing the tour (with special awards and prizes) will be included in your rider packet.



Your entry includes:

Special Rally Flag
Event T-shirt
AMA Grand Tour Pin
TeamStrange finishers pin
Special Plaques and awards for completing level 2 & 3 challenges.

All event finishers (of any level) will have their names included in drawing for door prizes.

Our main door prize for this event will be a BMW R65 motorcycle.  The motorcycle will be fully serviced, with new paintwork, and some accessories installed.

Other door prizes will include Aerostich Gift Certificates, Dunlop Tires, Battery Tenders and more.

The October date and location for door prize drawings will be announced on the TeamStrange website and everyone will be invited to attend, yet participants need not be present to win.

Riders may enter event anytime before event end.

Riders entering prior to March 1st may specify their rider number up to three digits.

After March 1st (or if another rider has already selected that number) no guarantee is made that specific number requests will be honored.  Riders may also indicate a 2nd or 3rd choice rider number.  Check the TeamStrange website for rider numbers issued so far.

Rider packets will be sent out beginning approximately March 10th.

Riders may begin collecting tour photos immediately upon receipt of rider packet.


TeamStrange 21st Anniversary World Tour Rules

1)  To successfully complete the event, you must have a series of photos spelling out "TeamStrange Airheads 21" as described above.  This will earn you the event finishers pin, and an entry into the drawing for various door prizes.  Failure to fully complete the spelling of the phrase will be considered a DNF.

2)  Photos must be of a city limit sign or a Post Office as proof of visiting that location.  No other marker (example:  library, police station, business, etc.) is acceptable.  For city limit signs, we'll accept most any variations of the traditional signs you see at the city limits of a town. (Examples:  Signs reading Eagan.  Welcome to Eagan.  Welcome to Eagan, home of the Eagles.  The Eagan Stone Cutters welcome you, etc.)

3)  Your motorcycle must be in all photos.

4)  If two- (or three-) up, your passenger(s) must be in all photos.

5)  Your motorcycle must have been ridden to the location.  Photos of bikes in trucks or on trailers will not be accepted (and will be posted on our website for public derision).

6)  Your rally flag must be in each photo.

7)  Highway 21 signs may be of any state or county sign if completing the basic tour. If competing for the Dave McQueeney Award, the photo must be of a STATE HIGHWAY sign, with the state clearly identified (example:  Ohio and Minnesota State Highway signs show the shape of the state with the Highway # in the center that's "clearly identified".  Do NOT send us a photo of a sign with a circle, square or other hieroglyphic and attempt to pass that off as an "identifier").  If it's not readily apparent to our not-too-worldly judges, it's not apparent and you've been warned.

8)  Every photo submitted MUST be either A) a Polaroid instant photo, or B) a commercially printed photo (e.g. Wal-Mart, Best Buy, etc) made from your film or digital camera source.  Photos from home or office inkjet or laser printers are not acceptable.  Send in only the print, but be prepared to produce on demand the electronic original of any photos made from a digital source.  If we can't read it, it doesn't count.

9)  All photos must be received by October 10, 2005.  Send photos to: TeamStrange Tour, P.O. Box 4082, Hopkins, MN  55343.  Not responsible for lost, late or misdirected mail.  Photos sent to other locations will not be accepted.

10)  Decision of the judges is final.  So there.

11)  The official source of information for the TeamStrange Grand Tour is  Any notification of event updates or modifications will be made there.

Prizes will be given away at the October drawing if winner is in attendance.  Absent winners will be responsible for all shipping costs.  Taxes, insurance, registration and licensing fees, if any, will be the responsibility of the prize winners.  While every effort will be made to ensure a well tuned, good running motorcycle as the event Grand Prize, winner acknowledges that the prize is a used motorcycle, and that no warranty is either expressed or implied.




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Unless otherwise indicated, all material herein © Team Strange Airheads, Inc.  All rights reserved. 
Reproduction or duplication in any form without our express permission is prohibited. 
The "Ironbutt" name and logo used by permission of the Ironbutt Association.
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