Butt Lite Grand Tour 2021


Butt Lite Grand Tour
April 15 - November 15, 2021

TeamStrange Grand Tours are all about having another excuse to go out and ride your motorcycle to new and unusual places. In this year’s Grand Tour, we’re giving you the opportunity to ride an even Lighter version of the infamous Butt Lite Rally.

For those unfamiliar with Butt Lite, it was the tastes great, less filling version of the famed Iron Butt Rally, an 11-day, 1000-miles-per-day test of motorcycle and rider endurance. Butt Lite was created by Adam Wolkoff and the late Eddie James of TeamStrange Airheads and Minnesota 1000 fame. The first Butt Lite was held in 1999 and was 5 days long. Over the years it varied from 5, to 6, to 7 days, during which riders would ride over 1000 miles per day, through heat, cold, rain and wind, on a giant cross-country scavenger hunt to visit places weird, wonderful, and twisted.

Adam and Eddie put on Butt Lite I through Butt Lite IIIII. After Eddie’s passing, Lisa Erbes, Bart Bakker and David E.B. Smith picked up the ball and ran with it, putting on Butt Lite 6IX through IX. Butt Lite X was to be the last Butt Lite Rally, in the summer of 2020, but it was postponed and then canceled because of the pandemic.

TeamStrange promised riders a taste of what they missed, and this is it.

In this Grand Tour, you will have the opportunity to ride to Butt Lite bonus locations just as if you were riding in a real Butt Lite rally. Because riders never got to ride Butt Lite X, we’ve included (almost) all the bonuses from that rally. And because the bonuses in Butt Lite X were mostly in the western U.S., we’re also including the bonuses from Butt Lite IX, which was mostly in the eastern U.S. (And for those not in the U.S., we have something as well). The good news is, you’ll have more than 6 days to get to these bonuses!

If you ever wondered what it was like to ride in a rally like Butt Lite or the Iron Butt Rally, this is your chance to try it out, or get some practice, without the pressure of time and mileage.

Your entry includes a Grand Tour flag and sticker. Entry fee is $45 for one or two up. GT flags and stickers will be mailed around April 1, and thereafter, upon sign up.

Finishing will earn you bragging rights, an Official Butt Lite Grand Tour finisher pin, and entries in the prize pool. Finishers will receive one entry into the prize pool for each bonus they visit.

Because of the ongoing pandemic and the unsettled situation in which we find ourselves with regard to travel, at this time we don’t intend to officially rank riders on bonuses collected and we don’t intend to award trophies based on finishing positions. This might change – we hope it does - and if it does, we’ll let you know.

To be a finisher you must visit at least 20 bonus locations between April 15, 2021, through November 15, 2021, and document your visits.

For convenience, the list of bonus locations is divided into 5 parts – Leg 1 and Leg 2 of Butt Lite IX, Leg 1 and Leg 2 of Butt Lite X, and non-US bonuses. You can go pick and choose any of these you like from any or all of the 5 parts of the bonus list.

To make it like a real Butt Lite, we’ve also provided data files with the coordinates of all the bonus locations.

Bonus Locations
Butt Lite IX Leg 1 (pdf) Leg 2 (pdf)
Butt Lite X Leg 1 (pdf) Leg 2 (pdf)
Outside US (pdf)
All five PDFs (zipfile)
Data Files (zip file)

Butt Lite Grand Tour Rules (pdf)


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