Grand Tour of Georgia


2022 Grand Tour of Georgia

The 2022 Grand Tour of Georgia provides you a great opportunity to see parts of the beautiful state of Georgia that share a common theme. This is your Passport to some great riding!

The 2022 Grand Tour highlights the history, both well known and the lesser known, of what has happened in Georgia over the past 400 years - yes, more than the Civil War has happened here. Before the arrival of the British in 1730, Georgia was home to mound building Native Americans for thousands of years and even the Spanish in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Fortunately, for us modern explorers, highlights of our history have been memorialized in a variety of historical markers. Some are the very familiar Historical Highway Marker that we so often see along the side of the road. But if you slow down just a bit more, you will see that there are other historical markers that local and state groups have erected to remind us where we have come and what has happened in our fascinating state.

In researching our history, the Grand Tour of Georgia team has combed the history books for some history that you may not be as familiar with as "Sherman’s March to the Sea." But more importantly, we have found history in some off-the-beaten-path locations that should give everyone a chance to explore some roadways that are not exactly known to everyone.

See examples of 2022 locations below.

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