Our newest President???



Stop for a moment and ask yourself:

What’s the deal with our country’s fascination with our dead ex-leaders??  Let’s face it...we complain about them when they’re alive, dislike what they do, etc....but boy, just let them die and the first thing we want to do is make a trek to any namesake area and buy french fries or some other tacky souvenir named in their “honor”.

Did you know there’s 18 towns in the US named Nixon?

It’s a really weird scenario to us, and we’d like you to partake in the weirdness with us on a motorcycle event we’ve dreamed up for 2001: The Presidential Tour.   To successfully complete the Presidential Tour, you must earn at least 35 points by visiting at least some of the 120+ places> mentioned in the official rally guidelines. Doing so will earn you a finishers pin, and an entry for various door prizes being given away .   Rally Guidelines and official rules will accompany your Rider Pack, and will be published here on or after April 10, 2001.  Enter anytime!  The tour begins April 15, 2001, and all photos submitted for scoring must be postmarked by October 31, 2001.


Results (as of 11 January 2002)


Location Guide

Confirmed Entries

Trade Presidential pardons and other valuable commodities on the Discussion Board.

Read about our first grand tour event, the "I've Been Everywhere Tour"

What’s this Buckeye 1000 thing??  Y’know, we’re trying to figure that one out ourselves.


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