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Butt Lite Grand Tour 2021 Butt Lite Grand Tour
Apr 15 - Nov 15
Minnesota 1000
June 11 - 13

Connie & Randy's
Dog Daze Rally
August 21
Jim Owen's BLIX Ride Report and Tribute to Eddie James


Uniform Rules Riding To Hounds (2020)
Minnesota 1000 Archives States of Confusion (2019)
Butt Lite Archives Melting Pot GT (2018)
I-Cycle Archives Love & Merci (rules / results) (2017)
Team Lyle Archives A Strange Election (2016)
Return to Niobrara (2004) Whispering Giants (2015)
BBQ (2003) Multiple GTs (2014)
Great Lakes Challenge (2002) 21st Anniversary GT (2005)
Buckeye 1000 (2001) Presidential Tour (2001)
Strangers IBET (2000)
Team Paula Behm

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